Meet Chubby Love

Mayra McEvoy Bio Photo
Mayra McEvoy - Chief Baker
  • I’m a self-taught baker who hails from a family with a long baking tradition.
  • I’m fanatical about the taste and decoration of my cakes, cupcakes, and cookies.
  • My customers tell me they can taste the devotion I invest in each project.
  • I pour myself into each project and aim to relay my fun-loving attitude and eye for detail to create heavenly sweets.
  • I aim to achieve a level of trust with my customers and to rock their sweet world.
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So what’s with the cute name,
Chubby Love Bake Shop?

One day in my hometown of Miami, Florida
my friends and I were passing by a gentleman on the corner asking for spare change.
He called out to get my attention…

‘Hey Chubby Love!’

It was unexpected, it was funny, it was charming and it made me smile.
And all these years later the endearing nickname has endured.

So, as I was thinking of a name for my business,
I wanted to use something fun and personal
and so the name was born.

Chubby Love Bake Shop

One of my favorite quotes…
A party without a cake is just a meeting
–Julia Child

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