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Dairy free unicorn cake for Cora who loves the color blue!
How awesome is celebrating 50 years of marriage with your BAE?! 👏🏽🙌🏽👌🏽 #10down40moretogo #feelslikeyesterdaywemet
Pure sweetness 💕
One of our absolute favorites from this past weekend for the sweetest lady around, Happy Birthday Michelle!
✨✨✨ #lukeiamyourfather #darthvadercake
Vegan caramel crunch cookie cupcakes for one of our biggest fans!
We had tooooo much fun making this cake for a sweet 9 year old obsessed with tacos - seeing his reaction was priceless. 😊 #whyidowhatido #tacocake
👧🏻 or 👦🏻? Gender reveal carrot cake for a lovely family.
Say hello to my little friend, Miss Mix-a-lot! 😂 Thank you Elizabeth Papasakelariou for giving this little angel her name!  You make me laugh no one else.
Another favorite from the weekend, designed by sweet Fiona herself.  

My bestie niece, who we call “Moanana” is going to faint when she see this.  I’m making this for your birthday Boo.
You guys asked, we listened!  Our most popular vegan cupcake is back on the shelves at Whole Foods Market in Naperville. 🤘

Coming soon the Whole Foods Schaumburg location soon! #vegancupcakes
Definitely one of our favorites from this past weekend for twins Gianna and Zadie!
Winter “ONEderland” for sweet twins! #chocolatecakecreamcheesefrosting #vanillabean #caramelcookiecrunch
Mornin’ Folks !

We’ve been so quiet because we were inundated with inquires from you guys over the holiday break and we’re almost all caught up!  Thank you for the ❤️.
Folks, we’re taking an email break for the night.  We had hundreds of emails.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙏🏽 

If you didn’t hear from us today, you will receive a response tomorrow.  
#scoutshonor #firstcomefirstservedbasis #weareoverhalfwaythere
Happy New Year Folks!  We’ll get back to you today.  Thank you for your patience and love!
Thank you for all the continued support and LOVE you’ve shown us over the years.

We will respond to NEW ORDERS on 1/8. Thanks for your patience as we get some R&R with our families.
Annnnd that’s a wrap!  Our beautiful Elves have finished our last delivery - a cookie decorating kit.  Thank you E and M for being the best baking assistants in the land. ❤️🎄💚❄️⭐️

Merry Christmas + Everything Folks!  Be safe, love your family and friends hard, and get some rest.
Fresh out of the ovens just for Y-O-U at our Whole Foods Market - Naperville and Schaumburg stores! 🎄❄️⭐️ #vegan #vegancupcakes
We’re booked through January 18th 😘 and are responding to emails and phone calls for EXISTING orders only guys.

We LOVE new orders but we’re focusing on the crazy, wonderful week ahead.  Merry Everything Everyone! 💚❤️💚❤️ #ihavethebestteam
💘 #caramelcookiecrunch #cookiebutter
You guys - this topper lights up!! 😲 Thank you #amazon for being countless smiles to my Frozen-obsessed boys and girls.
How sweet is this cake for Lauren who is obsessed with his horses!? Chocolate cake with caramel cookie crunch filling -one of our top sellers.
Simple is best - chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes.  Happy Monday Folks!
Chocolate strawberries and cream cake for Lena’s 50th!
Transformer-static (yes, that’s a word) cake for a super special boy whose birthday was on Thanksgiving!  

Happy birthday little buddy, we adore you!
Last order has been delivered and it feels like Christmas around here.  We will catch-up with emails and inquiries on Friday.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for the love!  #pumpkinpiecookies #pumpkinpieshortbread
Optimus Prime Cupcake Cake!  Seeing Eli’s reaction to his cake is why I do what I do. I only wish the girls had seen it too. ❤️
Just in time for the weekend,  vegan cupcakes at Whole Foods Market - Naperville and Schaumburg stores!
Can’t get over the cuteness of the dog bowl! 🐶
We made this cake for the Nielsen-Massey Vanillas Buttercream Ball for a guest whose birthday gift was to attend with her friends and family.  Very cool.  

Happy Birthday Lisa!
Made from scratch.  Always.  #veganoreos #vegancookiesandcream
Our sincerest thanks for your love, we couldn’t do what we love without you!  

Wishing each and every one of you peace, love, and happiness as we kick-off this holiday season. 🦃🎄❤️
Cutie patootie Elmo to brighten up this Monday for you guys!
We blasted U2 the whole week in the kitchen - this cake was to thank for that! 💃🏽🕺🏽💃🏽🕺🏽
It's Fall y'all!  I grew up in Miami where it's always summer and I've Fallen 😜 completely in love with this season.
Our vegan cupcakes right out of the ovens delivered Whole Foods Market - Naperville & Schaumburg stores.  #vegancupcakes
Flowers for days and days.  We had 3 full trays of these pretties. 😍
Bobblehead Dino toppers for the win! And just when you thought this cake could not get any's red inside. 😜
Mr. + Mrs.  ❤️❤️
Happy Monday Folks!  #rainbowcupcakes
You've called and called and called and I'm very happy to say we're FINALLY back in stock at Whole Foods Market - Naperville! Thanks for not giving up on us. ❤️
We had a passing in the family and from one day to the next I was on a plane to Santo Domingo.  With over 20 orders to fill, I was in a panic to put it politely 

My customers were simply amazing.  There is so much good in this world.  Their level of compassion overwhelmed me and lifted me.

My fellow talented bakers didn't miss a beat and did an amazing job at filling all of our orders.  I followed up with my customers when I returned and each and everyone was THRILLED - I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Sue's Cakery, Buttercream Bakery, and Cupcakes by Kelly! ❤️
Sneak peak at today's wedding cake for M + J.  The weather set the tone, have an amazing day guys.
We just delivered our vegan cupcakes to Whole Foods Market - Schaumburg.

Thanks for your patience guys, we're slowly ramping back up.
Ladybug love for the sweetest girl!
Sneak peek at the Marie-Antoinette-inspired wedding cake!  Emen and Malachi - you guys were a dream to work with and I wish you the very best.  Take it all in, sit back, and enjoy every second!  #ilovelove
Superman vegan cake for SuperDad Yuri!   Chocolate cake with caramel cookie crunch filling. ❤ Thanks for the 📸 Vicki Kuo!
We can't make these Cookies and Cream cookies fast enough!  They are to die for.  

FUN FACT: These cookies are our most requested cookie and most SHIPPED item.  They made their way to cool places like Australia, Santo Domingo, London, Montreal and Hawaii! 😜
We never, ever, ever tire of making this Lego cake!  One of our favorites for sure!  Thanks you Shannon for the inspiration! ❤
Cookies for a family whose parents are parting ways and homes but are 100% committed to their families.  

They had a celebration together as a family which I found so refreshing.  

Parents are doing such a great job - their kids were so thankful and complimentary about the cookies I teared up. ❤
Surprise birthday cake for a newly married bride.  We love how the simplicity of the outside contrasts with the colorful inside.
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